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Timeline of Events

This is a timeline of important events throughout Quadrigas history.


November 4

Gerald Cotten and Michael Patryn incorporate QuadrigaCX in British Columbia. 1)

December 23

Quadriga registers as a money services business with FINTRAC. 2)

December 26

Quadriga launches its exchange (quadrigacx.com) in BETA. 3)


October 6

Whiteside Capital Corporation is incorporated in British Columbia. [needs citation]


September 29

Last public financial audit was published. 4)

October 8

Directors Anthony Milewski, Lovie Horner, Bill Filtness and its Chief Financial Officer Natasha Tsai resign.5)

October 27

Gerry Wittenberg (panama papers) and other unidentified investors from offshore jurisdictions, invest in Quadriga. 6)


March 8

Quadriga is banned from selling securities when the BCSC issues a cease trade order. 7)


June ?

Quadriga announces loss of $14 million (USD) worth of Ethereum due to a software glitch. [needs citation]


January 8

CIBC freezes $21 million (USD) belonging to Quadriga. 8)

October 8 (?)

Gerald Cotten and Jennifer Robertson get married. [needs citation]

November 27

Gerald Cotten files a will, leaving his entire estate to Jennifer Robertson. 9)

December 2 - 8

Large amounts of crypto start moving. 10)

December 9

Gerald Cotten dies in Jaipur, India while traveling with his wife, Jennifer Robertson. 11)


January 2

Frozen CIBC funds are released back to Quadriga. [needs citation]

January 14

The death of Gerald Cotten is announced on Quadriga's website. 12)

January 31

Quadriga's website is taken down for maintenance without prior warning. 13)

February 5

Quadriga is granted CCAA protection by the Nova Scotia supreme court. 14)

February 6

Quadriga “inadvertently” transfers 103 bitcoins valued at C$468,675 to an inaccessible cold wallet. 15)

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